10/11/23 Horse Racing Tips Recap

Morning Update – 10:00 am

12:17 Down Royal
I don’t know what Bet365 know about THE BUSY FOOL but they’re still offering 5.0, when all its competitors are offering 3.50

13:35 Hexham
MUMFORDS MAGIC has shortened slightly from 5.50 to 5.0, I still think you can take that each way, it wouldn’t suprise me to see a drift from this at some point.

14:37 Down Royal
I am glad I waited overnight on DONT GO YET as it has drifted slightly to 15.0 and I can get now get BOG.

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14:55 Exeter
STAY AWAY FAY is available for 1.92 on the exchange, so hopefully it drifts and I will take above evens.

16:00 Exeter
COLLECTORS ITEM has shortened slightly from 8.0 to 7.50, again I would not be suprised to see this drift at some point today.

17:20 Newcastle
RAMON DI LORIA’s price is a little annoying, I want over 7.0, but the bookies paying 4 places are currently only offering 6.50, I will wait to see what happens through the day, might drift to ~8.0 on the exchange at some point today.

18:30 Dundalk
Wow… I am glad I took Vadiana at 11.0 because she has nearly halved in price overnight! She always delivers a good performance at Dundalk, but she is in with some tough company tonight. I hope some of you got on it? People were on my blog last night. I would not take it at 6.50.

19:30 Dundalk
It was a bit of a dream that BRAINS would have drifted to 5.00+, his price has obviously shortened overnight.

Horse Racing Tips Recap


12:17 Down Royal
Wow this has drifted like a barge on the exchange? 21.0 is available as they sit at the post!! This has no chance doubling in price in 30 seconds right at the post, I am praying for a top 3 now…
How???? HOW??? How did it drift like that and come 2nd? So tilting because I had a cheeky pint on THE BUSY FOOL on the exchange at 14.0 when it was drifting. If he jumps the last 2 better he would have had a much better chance of winning.

13:35 Hexham
Another one that has drifted and is available for 9.0 on the exchange at the post…
Wow!!!!! Are you fucking kidding me?? How has that not won?? 2 fucking 2nds today and both should have won!! I’m back to thinking the blog is cursed. That is outrageous to lose from there. The horse he was battling with was running backwards!

I’m pissed off now and have to wait an hour until my next bet!

STAY AWAY FAY in the 14:55 Exeter is available for backing on the exchange now at 2.18.

I have also had to take the 6.50 available at Bet365 for RAMON DI LORIA in the 17:20 Newcastle. I want to take the bet and I just cant see it drifting back up past 7.0.

14:37 Down Royal
Looks like DONT GO YET will go off around 16/1…
BOOOOOM. Travelled beautifully looked like it was going to go close to winning from the start. It’s made all, and it makes up for the 2 previous races. I also said last night I expect BYTHESAMETOKEN (which went off at 10/1) to go well and he came 2nd, with the front 2 pulling well clear of 3rd.

14:55 Exeter
As I said earlier I took STAY AWAY FAY at 2.10 on the exchange, I saw it at 2.20 and it now is 2.00 as they sit at post, which is just about backable…
BOOOOM! Wow take your hat off and show some respect to STAY AWAY FAY because he refused, simply refused to be beaten there! He was beaten, but he was like not today lads, unlike the first 2 horses today which could learn alot from STAY AWAY FAY. Good ride from Harry Cobden as well, he knows the horse stays and he had to work for that victory.

16:00 Exeter
No, the big weight was too much for COLLECTORS ITEM.

17:20 Newcastle
It got 3rd we had it each way, it’s fine, but I think he could have won that.

18:30 Dundalk
I think it has came last, but has been backed from 10/1 into 3/1. I can’t tell you how often this happens! Backed into short priced favourite from double figure odds and runs like shit.

Today Staked: 6.5units

Today Profit/Loss : (+4.95u)

Staked This Month:  (43.5u)
Profit/Loss This Month: (+7.31u)
Staked Since Start of Blog : (43.5u)
Profit Since Start of Blog : (+7.31u)

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