11/11/23 Horse Racing Tips Recap

Morning Update – 09:45 am

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It tilts the shit out of me that i’ve had to back 2 odds on favouries today! I am much more likely to back two 40/1 shots then two odds on. I don’t know if I’ve ever backed 2 odds on in a day. Anyway that’s a long way for me to say that the racing is hard today and in November in general.

12:50 Newcastle
GOOD POINT has drifted which I didn’t think it would, if you ask me the 9.50 on offer now makes it bet of the day.
**UPDATE** – GOOD POINT is being backed again now and down to as low as 6.00, 8.50 is still available with Bet365 but I can’t see that holding long. I wish I waited until the morning and got the bog, but normally if I wait I wake up and it’s like 4.50.

12:53 Gowran
I am still holding off on this dutch, LUCID DREAMS has been backed overnight and I cannot currently get 4.0, SO SCOTTISH should be no problem to get over 4.0 anytime today, so I will just keep an eye out on LUCID DREAMS.
**UPDATE** I just can’t believe how LUCID DREAMS has been hammered, I have had to adjust, I have taken 3.50 on bet365 with bog, and 5.30 on the exchange for SO SCOTTISH, 60% of my stake on LUCID DREAMS.

13:00 Aintree
I should have taken the 3/1 last night when available on TIGER ORCHID w/o Giovinco. That is the bet I am trying to get matched on the exchange. Some weird bookies I dont have are offering the 3/1 which makes me think my bet will be matched on the exchange throughout the day. If you’re not here to fuck around just take the 5/2(3.50) on offer at SKY.

13:45 Down Royal
I have taken the 9.0 with 4 places at Bet365 for MAGIC TRICKS, this could go either way, massively drift or shorten, but I have BOG so I am happy.

13:50 Wincanton
It was a nice dream that the public would be dumb enough to let KNAPPERS HILL drift to evens. Currently 1.73 on the exchange would not shock me if it did drift to evens at some point but unlikely.

14:25 Wincanton
FRODON is slowly drifting, you can get the 6.50 on at the exchange, but I think you will be able to get it at bookies some point today, that’s what I am hoping for.

15:00 Wincanton
I am struggling to think why I did not take the 1.73 available on RUBAUD last night? Am I some kind of simpleton? With the non-runner, you can take around 1.55+ but be careful with odds on horses, they don’t make you a lot, but they frustrate you a lot. It’s probably an exchange play, I don’t think the price can get much lower than this, so I will wait for a drift.
**UPDATE** I have just taken 1.61 on bet365

15:15 Newcastle
I am still holding off on GWEEDORE, it’s very backable at 7.0 so its an easy back for you now, but I want to see if 8.0 comes available and keep an eye on the exchange where it could possibly hit 10.0+
**UPDATE** GWEEDORE is starting to get hammered, so I have taken the 7.0 on bet365 and I suggest you do the same,.

15:45 Newcastle
CHILLINGHAM has been nibbled at which is good because I don’t have BOG.

UPDATE – 11:45am

As of 11:45 the only 2 bets I have not taken yet are FRODON who I might take the 6.0 available on Bet365 and KNAPPERS HILL which I still believe could reach evens on the exchange.

I still have a couple of races at Chelmsford to look at, they will be done by 2/3pm if I take anything, they will appear on the tips page.

Not a good day today betting wise, but with the jumps season just starting it’s difficult, I still have the scars of last November.

LAST UPDATE – 12:40pm

I have just got KNAPPERS HILL matched at 1.95 on the exchange, which is still available.

I have also decided to take FRODON at 6.0 on Bet365 to stop fucking about.

So now every bet I said I wanted to take I have now taken.

Horse Racing Tips Recap


12:50 Newcastle
I’m not happy with the drift at all here, currently available for 11.0 on the exchange, going into the stalls…
I mean it’s came last, never travelled well, that is still a good bet at anything above 8.0, I mean the horse is not fit/well and I do not have that knowledge. It should never come last in that race in a month of Sundays. You just have to write this off as part of the game, horses are not machines, sometimes they don’t turn up, quite often they don’t turn up! It’s a shame when it’s your biggest bet of the day though!

12:53 Gowan
BOOOOOM! About time another horse fucked up the last jump and we won because of it, it happened to me 3 times last saturday, I am not joking 3 times in about a 20 minute spell my horse got the last jump totally wrong and cost me the race.

13:00 Ascot
3.60 is available on the exchange for TIGER ORCHID without Giovinco while the horses wait at the post…
WOW!!!! How have we not won here? Our horse kind of just gave up at the finishing line thinking it was over and has been done on the line! That’s painful. I can’t believe he has not got 2nd.

13:45 Down Royal
MAGIC TRICKS has been backed from my 9.0 to 6.60 on the exchange as they wait at the post, I think I saw 11.0 last night…
BOOOOOOM! 8/1 just what I needed to cheer me up! Travelled well always looked like he would be challenging!

13:50 Wincanton
Really nice to see KNAPPERS HILL being backed in the last hour, I took 1.95 which was available for a while and is now 1.83 as they wait at the post…
BOOOOOOOOM! Seeing KNAPPERS HILL jump so well I thought he was going to win this early on & he did! Best round of jumping I have seen in a while to be honest. Absolutely perfect!

14:20 Down Royal
I might have been a bit ambitious with this bet, the exchange prices are saying that it’s a penalty kick for Gerri Colombe, which suggests he’s fit and ready to go. I’m wondering if I should have taken it without the favourite which still was a decent price, i’ll soon find out…
Well he came 3rd but that does not tell half the story!! He has gave us a fantastic run for our money at 8/1 in a 4 runner race, he has lost by what, half a length? Maybe less, unlucky. Nice bet this, even though it lost.

14:25 Wincanton
We’ll take 3rd to break even because he looked knackered with a fair few furlongs left. So fair play to the lad.

15:00 Wincanton
I’ve got quite a bit riding on RUBAUD now because I had a decent double on with Knappers Hill. Obviously I won’t be putting the double in the results…
BOOOOM! As expected reasonably easy win for RUBAUD. I was slightly nervous for about 30 seconds.

15:15 Newcastle
GWEEDORE has nosedived right as there going into the stalls and is now available at 13.0 on the exchange where just a minute ago he was 8.50, never a good feeling…
Awww he has missed out on top 3 by a nose! Dissapointing. I needed top 3 and he’s came 4th.

15:28 Down Royal
HISTORY OF FASHION is going to go off about 33/1 so it would be nice if it could squeeze into the place money. 80/1 on the exchange if you want to take the win bet…
He was never travelling, I gave up on it half way through, and then he’s seriously stayed on at the end to end up 5th!! We only needed 4th and he’s only missed out by a length, or we would of had place money on a 33/1. Another furlong or 2 he might have been challenging for the win!

15:45 Newcastle
CHILLINGHAM is going off around 8.0 on the exchange, which is fine…
Sometimes you get a jockey who decides he doesen’t want to win a race, I mean the less said about that the better. I just can’t understand why he sat him out the back? I cant understand why he chose to run into a bunch of traffic? It comes like a train at the end, if he actually got him in a good position at the start of the race he comes very close at the end. Unbelievable.

Today Staked: 11units

Today Profit/Loss : (-0.46)

Staked This Month:  (54.5u)
Profit/Loss This Month: (+6.85u)
Staked Since Start of Blog : (54.5u)
Profit Since Start of Blog : (+6.85u)
Cursed Saturdays continue, I can’t understand again how we’ve had a small losing day today?
Tiger Orchid should have won our bet for an extra 2.64 units profit, plus the 1 unit stake back.
Gweedore and History of Fashion 33/1 missed out on place money by 1 position.
And our biggest bet of the day bombed out last.
Pretty annoying but I’ll take it knowing it was close to a good day.
Obviously most of you know but you don’t win everyday in horse racing, and I promise if you follow this blog you will have much MUCH worse days than this.

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