12/11/23 Horse Racing Tips Recap

Morning Update – 11:15am


Well done to Tom Aspinall that is why I am a bit later today!

View the tips page here, although being a Sunday it is a slow day.

12:30 Sandown
OPERATION MANNA has been hammered in price from 7.50 to 4.33 & ISSAM has drifted from 5.0 to 6.0, I would have thought it would have been the other way to be honest.

13:05 Sandown
BLOW YOUR WAD has been nicely backed from 3.75 into 3.00, which is probably where it should have opened, bookies were being generous here, but that’s them being misinformed rather than them being nice.

14:15 Sandown
WESTERN ZEPHYR has also been backed from 6.0 to 5.0 so a good start to the day with our horses being backed, now they just need to go out there and win.
**UPDATE** WESTERN ZEPHYR might go of favourite by race time, down to 3.90 on the exchange. Still a very competitive race with 4 of the 6 runners under 6.0.

14:00 Naas
REBEL GOLD has drifted out to 17.0 and could drift further, it was a gamble, anything over 13.0 is still a good gamble though.

Horse Racing Tips Recap

12:30 Sandown
Big late money came for OPERATION MANNA and got backed into favourite. ISSAM also got some late support…
BOOOOOOM! OPERATION MANNA has absolutely pissed it! Looked like he was struggling at one point then just just found a second wind. ISSAM was travelling much better throughout the race and just tired and came 3rd. Not a bad dutch 1st and 3rd.

13:05 Sandown
I must admit it scares the shit out of me how this Nicholls/Cobden horse HENRI THE SECOND has been backed, its never good when a combination like that has just been steadily backed throughout the night and morning, unless you’ve backed it yourself. Just remember the bookies opened with Le Patron as favourite who is now 6.40 on the exchange…
Wow, the bookies got that one right, Le Patron has bolted up, we did get 2nd and beat the hotly backed favourite but that is no consolation.

14:00 Naas
REBEL GOLD has drifted like a barge…
and ran like it. It was a gamble and we kept the bet small.

14:15 Sandown
As mentioned earlier WESTERN ZEPHYR has been backed, down to 3.80 on the exchange. It’s a very competitve race with 4 runners priced between 3.60-5.60, obviously any of these could win, I couldn’t guess which one of these horses will win, but what I did know was WESTERN ZEPHYR was a nice value bet at 6.0, as other people also found out…
It’s always annoying to pull so far clear of 3rd and only get 2nd by less than a length, but we had each way and it was 1/4 payout so a slight profit which is better than a kick in the nads.

Today Staked: 3.5units

Today Profit/Loss : (+0.63u)

Staked This Month:  (58u)
Profit/Loss This Month: (+7.48u)
Staked Since Start of Blog : (58u)
Profit Since Start of Blog : (+7.48u)
12.9% ROI

Horse racing tips for Monday 13th November






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