14/11/23 Horse Racing Tips Live Page Recap

Morning Update – 9:20am


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So all bets are on apart from SUPPORT ACT which is next to certain not going to be one of my bets today because of price. Happy to get the rest of them on and to see none of them hammered out of my price range.

13:55 Lingfield
SUPPORT ACT is now 3.00 after opening at 7.50 so we will give that one a miss.
**UPDATE** – 11am – WOW! Support Act has been backed into the 2.60 favourite on the exchange!

12:20 Huntington
I hope you took the 6.0 last night on FURKASH because that has now been backed to 4.50.

15:15 Huntington
SALSADA has also been backed a little, but 6.50 is still a fine price.

15:48 Huntington
A little annoying that SIMPLY BELLE has been backed down to 7.0 but I am still happy enough with the price and have taken the 7.0 each way at Bet365 with BOG.

15:55 Newcastle
I have taken 8.00 with bog on DAISY ROOTS.

16:30 Newcastle
I have also taken the 7.50 on offer for Lezardrieux.

17:05 Newcastle
I am taking the 13.0 with bog available on STALLONE.

Too early / lack of sleep / coffee not kicked in today has me giving a piss poor recap.

The only race left to look at is the 18:30 Wolverhampton, that perked my interest because it’s really competitive but it feels like there might be a value bet in there somewhere so hopefully I find it… but first I need the coffee to kick in!!

Horse Racing Tips Recap

12:20 Huntington
FURKASH is battling for favourite on the exchange as they wait at the post, just gone slight favourite 3.70 to 2nd favourite 3.85, market can’t split them basically they keep swapping, or are the exact same price, I think they will go off joint favourites…
Well we beat the joint favourite but we’ve came 4th and needed 3rd! I always find it brutal when you beat the favourite, and we’ve beat the 3rd favourite, but still haven’t finished in the top 3. Give us 2 extra furlongs in this race and I think we piss it. There was obviously nothing wrong with the bet 6.0 was a great price.

13:55 Lingfield
SUPPORT ACT has gone off a huge favourite on the exchange, backed down to 2.54! We might have missed a good bet here last night, but I will live…
This is what I was saying about SUPPORT ACT somewhere on this blog, people see a good bet and hammer it into a ridiculous price. The horse has been easily beat and would have needed to be at least the 6.0 I required to take the bet to even be considered a profitable bet.

15:15 Huntington
SALSADA has drifted as we wait at the post and is available for 12.50 on the exchange, we have bog so it is all good…
It’s a non-runner, I don’t know what has gone off? But you get your stake back so again it is all good. Although I did like this bet so a little annoying.

15:48 Huntington
SIMPLY BELLE has been thoroughly backed from the 7.0 we took this morning, 9.0 was available last night, and now it’s down to 3.70 on the exchange, still not the favourite though, let’s hope for a good run as some late money has come for it…
SIMPLY BELLE has came 3rd so we get a tiny profit with the place money.

15:55 Newcastle
DAISY ROOTS sits at 11.00 on the exchange as they are being loaded into the stalls, I took 8.00 with bog this morning…
Shitty race, I reckon we’ve gone too fast upfront with another horse, because we both finished at the back of the field, and the other horse was the 3rd favourite. We knew it was a gamble last night, and that is why we kept our bet small.

16:30 Newcastle
BOOOOOOM! A bit of money came late for LEZARDRIEUX and it has won reasonably comfortably at the end, we had 7.50.

17:05 Newcastle
A little bit of late money has come for STALLONE going to go off around 10.50 on the exchange and we took 13.00 bog earlier. Let’s hope it can sneak into the money, which is the top 4…
We’re in a photo finish for 4th place with 2 other horses, might take a few minutes, it was super tight! Obviously happy with the bet either way here, but I want a profitable day…
Mini boom, for 4th place, because it means a profitable day, 12/1 place money is not the worst thing in the world is it?

Today Staked: 4.50 units

Today Profit/Loss : (+0.25 units)

Staked This Month:  (65.75u)
Profit/Loss This Month: (+18.82u)
Staked Since Start of Blog : (65.75u)
Profit Since Start of Blog : (+18.82u)
29% ROI
I suggest bankroll wise having at least 100 units (that you don’t mind losing! Anything can happen in gambling) and 1 unit would equal 1% of your bankroll and change your bankroll daily/weekly depending on profit/loss.

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