7/11/23 Horse Racing Tips Recap

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Today Staked:  3.50 units

Today Profit/Loss : (+2.91u)

Staked This Month:  (30u)
Profit/Loss This Month: (-1.09u)
Staked Since Start of Blog : (30u)
Profit Since Start of Blog : (-1.09u)

Morning Update:

11:53 Fairyhouse
INOTHEWAYURTHINKIN 4.50 into 3.50 & PINKERTON drifted a little 6.50 into 7.0

12:28 Fairyhouse I thought the price was too generous on GALON DE VAUZELLE but was not too confident. It probably should have been bet each way, but it is fine. Probably will come 2nd though if it follows the way this blog is going.

13:12 Lingfield
Both QUEEN AMINATU & AL AGAILA have been backed over night which is good, but AL AGAILA especially has gone from 8.0 to 4.50. And we missed the 11.0 as well! So the bookies priced this one totally wrong.

13:55 Warwick
Shame IROKO has been hammered into odds on, when I wanted it to drift as much as it shortened. The price last night was fine, but I thought it had a chance of drifting, I am never taking odds on though. I’ll still keep an eye out for a drift to 2.50 throughout the day on the exchange.

14:30 Warwick
DIXIE FLYER has drifted and I have been punished for not waiting until the morning. I have rebacked it at 56/1 and will cash out one of the bets later, hoping that it does not go above 60/1.

16:05 Newcastle
Jewel Maker has not moved in price.

17:50 Newcastle
I need a little drift on LE BEAU GARCON which could be possible.

Recaps of horse racing day

11:53 Fairyhouse
Based on the SP exchange odds this was a fine bet, both shortened. But remember this fucking blog is cursed!! 2nd and 3rd!! Big late money for IMAGINE who did win, was a problem. I thought Pinkerton travelled well and thought he was coming with a winning run, but just not good enough. Tilting to start today and this blog of with non stop 2nds, although I suppose it’s better than finishing last.

12:28 Fairyhouse
pulled up never travelling.

13:12 Lingfield
1st & 3rd so a succesful dutch! I was never worried about Queen Aminatu that is how she runs her races, I knew she’d be right up there at the end, but I did think it was going to be Al Agaila that won it for us, but either winning is good when you dutch.

13:55 Warwick
I took IROKO at 2.40 on the exchange at 13:40.
Wow put IROKO in your tracker, if you don’t have a tracker… get one and put him in it! So impressive, won it on the bridle, insane stuff.

14:30 Warwick
Dixie Flyer does not look like I picked right as it site 140/1 on the exchange at the post, we all get it wrong now and then, this horse is more than likely going to be a 3 legged donkey…
Just a shocking bet, got it totally wrong, obviously it was a gamble but just ran at the back of the pack and drifted like a barge. I am pissed!

16:05 Newcastle
JEWEL MAKER has been nice and slowly backed throughout the day and is now around a 5/1 shot, from the 8/1 I tipped up last night, nearly certainly will give us a run for our money here…
BOOOOM! Great ride that because I was worried about what he was planning, but fucking jesus, theres not many better feelings in life then watching your horse slice his way through the pack on the bridle!! Thats more like it for the blog!

A guaranteed winning day now, but if LE BEAU GARCON drifts I will be taking that at 5.50 each way for 1.5u total bet.

17:50 Newcastle
I didn’t get LE BEAU GARCON, it never went to 5.0 all day on the exchange which was my minimum price, pretty gutted pre race, think this is a good one…
And the feed didn’t work live, so I did not get to see it either. Lucky escape this bet, I really liked it, but that is why we have prices and it can save you a lot. You’ve got to be price sensitive in this game. I thought that horse had a good chance of winning that race, it doesn’t mean I will back it any price.

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