9/11/23 Horse Racing Tips Recap

Morning Update – 9:40am

It’s just outragous they dont have BOG anymore the night before! All 4 bets bar one have been hammered. EL JEFE has gone from a really nice 6.50 to an unbackable 3.50. The 2 shorter ones I tipped have been hammered into odds on! I took EQUINUS at 3.30 on the exchange last night like I said on my tips page, but theres no chance of getting that this morning as it sits at 2.18

PULL AGAIN GREEN is backable at 5.0 with Bet365 but is higher on the exchange, so I will take my bet there, splitting my bet up to try and get the best price.

I am gutted about EL JEFE.

I’ve just seen Andy Holding tipped up El Jefe this morning so that’s probably why it’s dropped in price.

That’s the problem with Andy Holding’s tips, if he tips something I have and I don’t get it on the night before, it’s never backable after everyones put it on in the morning.

We have the advantage because I tip the night before. We could have taken El Jefe last night, I was stupid and chose not to. If we still had bog I would have taken it.

The other problem I have with it is that if it drifts back to 6.0 now I don’t like it as a bet after Andy Holding and all his cronies have backed it and it has still drifted.

Horse Racing Tips Recap

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Ive just had huge server problems but I am back now hopefully to update the races so far.

13:15 Newbury
I wrote about PULL AGAIN GREEN but it didn’t save, the horse drifted massively and ran like it. Just a write off, obviously how it drifted from 6.0 to 12.0 in a short time would tell you there was something wrong with the horse, probably not fit. Annoying because I always like a run for my money, but I will get over it.

14:25 Newbury
At the post EQUINUS sits at 2.00 on the exchange making my 3.30 now 3.19 due to a rule 4 a very nice bet…
It travelled well enough, but just not good enough.

15:10 Ludlow
Yeah… did not get CHOCCABLOC on probably should have taken the 2.10 on offer last night. He is currently 1.58 on the exchange waiting at the post…
Wow he made hard work of that for a 1.58 horse, but he did get the job done, maybe wasn’t a massive fan of conditions.

20:30 Chelmsford
BLIND BEGGAR drifted after I backed it at 6.0, currently available for 8.20 on the exchange at 12:30…
Oi, take your hat off to BLIND BEGGAR because he’s just worked his bloody socks off to get you that win! I got fucked price wise as it has gone off 5.50 but 7.0+ was widely available right after I backed it. 8.00+ was available on the exchange for hours. But I am happy with the 6.0

Today Staked: 2units

Today Profit/Loss : (+2.0)

Staked This Month:  (37u)
Profit/Loss This Month: (+2.36)
Staked Since Start of Blog : (37u)
Profit Since Start of Blog : (+2.36)

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