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Andy Holding Horse Racing Tips

Hi, if you are looking for bets as good as Andy Holdings tips then you are in the right place.

I am a professional gambler who is giving his horse racing tips away for free. All these tips are singles, no multiples in here, just good bets.

Staked This Month:  19.50u
Profit/Loss This Month: (+19.51u)
Staked Since Start of Blog: 134.75u
Profit Since Start of Blog: (+63.89u)
47% ROI – Updated 7/12/23
I suggest bankroll wise having at least 100 units (that you don’t mind losing! Anything can happen in gambling) and 1 unit would equal 1% of your bankroll and change your bankroll daily/weekly depending on profit/loss.

I take very profitable bets that are well studied and are proven over 2 years and over 7000 different bets.

Check out my racing tips results here

Although Andy Holding tips are pretty good, I took them for 18 months, I do have a bigger winrate, and he is actually having a losing year this year on Oddschecker where I am 14%.

If you are looking for tips better than Andy Holdings or more bets to take, then this blog is perfect for you.

You can check out my blog here every day for free winning racing tips.

I put my money where my mouth is and will show you all my winnings and losses and walk you through what I was thinking?

How many other horse racing tipsters shows you their results.

I can’t find Andy Holdings bet results, although I have taken and tracked his bets over on Oddschecker and like I said they are losing this year.

Horse racing is hard there is lots of variance adding more bets will lower variance.

Andy Holding is a good tipster but I believe I am better, just from the last 18 months of taking both of our bets.

I also incorporate speed ratings into my ratings like Andy, but I feel like my selections are just better.

You can’t win with speed figures alone.

You will have higher priced winners taking my tips.

My bets are free and profitable, it can’t hurt to try them out?

Follow my bets for a month and you will see I am a better tipster than Andy.

Check out my free racing tips here to be backing winners more consistently and bigger than anyone. Currently over 30% ROI on the blog after over 1 month.

Find out why I am better then any newspaper tipster.






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