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Why Use My Free Horse Tips?

I’ve been banned from most bookies Ive used(mainly use the exchanges now and still have a Bet365 account, shout out Bet365!) when my average bet was £5! Im calling out William Hill, Unibet, 888, even Betfair sportsbook they all told me to piss off when my average bet was £5 and these accounts had been opened for years, all of them over 5 years of me playing poker on them and losing at football betting. I literally have zero respect for William Hill it’s a terrible company.

So why take my tips?

Apart from my horse racing tips being free because I know you can get tips in the sun, racing tips in the daily mirror, at the races have plenty of racing tips, you could pay for spotlight racing posts racing tips, hell you can even get racing tips from Paddy Power 😂 although these guys make money when you lose, do you think they’re giving you winning tips🤔?
So I get it you’ve got racing tips coming out of your eyeballs, but with my free horse racing tips not only are they consistently winning, I am talking 2 (small) losing months in 2 years and a 15% win rate over those 2 years, over 7000 horse racing bets and no stupid multiples, ALL singles.
If you want consistency and profit I promise you I am the man, and my horse racing tips are free anyway.
So don’t come bitching and moaning when we have a bad day, just keep taking the bets and shut your mouth or fuck off, I’m a sensitive soul, I don’t have to give you a free 15% roi do I?
It’s gambling if you don’t understand gambling then don’t gamble!
I bet when the price is wrong! It’s guaranteed profit over time. Just make sure you take my bets asap, the price will shorten in the majority of races.
I will more than likely sporadically update throughout the night before and the morning of the races.
Disclaimer: Oh and because I am so used to winning consistently on horse racing if I feel like I am being jinxed by sharing I will have to stop. The jinx is real. The betting gods might not want me handing out these tips and may take away my power.
Feel free to buy me a coffee it takes a long time to go through the races, and I would very much appreciate it.






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