Free UK Racing Tips Today 5/11/23

Wow Five 2nds yesterday including a 12/1 & 16/1 in a brutal day of variance! Check out the full review here. How I had a losing day yesterday is mistifying.

Staked This Month:  (15u)
Profit/Loss This Month: (-2.63u)
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Profit Since Start of Blog : (-2.63u)

Best Free British Horse Racing Tips Today

Cork Racing Tips

14:05 Cork
I have convinced myself that WHAT PATH is good value at 5/2(3.50) yes this Willie Mullins horse did come last in its last race, but I like it here, and I think there is a bit of value in the price, but I am keeping the bet small at 0.5 units. 3.25 is probably the smallest price I would take here. You can take the 3.50 on Skybet/Victor or the 3.25 with Coral and get bog. Ill take Coral for this one just in case it’s a drifter.
Horse Race Tip: WHAT PATH – 3.25+
Bet Size: 1.5u

14:40 Cork
I think the value bet is SENECIA ew at 5/1(6.0) with Coral offering a generous 3 places in a 7 runner race. It’s not a confident pick for many reasons.
Horse Race Tip: SENECIA – 6.0+
Bet Size: 0.5u ew 3 places – total 1u

15:15 Cork
Tough race to pick a winner in, I think if you can get above 10/1(11.0) on FLASH DE TOUZAINE then that is a good bet. It’s going to need to be fit and firing after 197 days off to be competitive. Small bet.
Horse Race Tip: FLASH DE TOUZAINE – 11.0+
Bet Size: 0.25u ew 4 places – total 0.5

Curragh Racing Tips

14:25 Curragh
NO MORE PORTER has the ability to win this race but he seems to have forgotten how to win. Is the 8.0 Bet365 offering good value? I would think there probably is a little bit of value. But I am going to wait until tomorrow morning and hopefully get something above 11.0 maybe on the exchange.
Horse Race Tip: NO MORE PORTER – 10.0+
Bet Size: 0.50u ew 4 places – total 1u

15:00 Curragh
I also think there is a little bit of value to be squeezed betting on FALCON EIGHT in this race. I won’t go mad and will keep the bet small, but I think he is the fastest in the race, and should like the conditions. I am taking the 5/2(3.50) widley available, but I would not be suprised if this one drifts.
Horse Race Tip: FALCON EIGHT – 3.00+
Bet Size: 0.50u ew 4 places – total 1u

16:10 Curragh
The bet in this race is NEPTUNES STAIRCASE, I am little worried about the price being abit skinny at 4.50, but I am also worried the price shortens overnight.
Horse Race Tip: NEPTUNES STAIRCASE – 4.00+
Bet Size: 1u

Huntington Racing Tips

13:40 Huntington
I like MOFASA here based on his effort last time out, and has been dropped 2lbs for it as well. The current price of 2.75 seems a little tight and I will wait until the morning to try and get 3.0+
Horse Race Tip: MOFASA – 3.0+
Bet Size: 1u

14:15 Huntington
DELLA CASA LUNGA opened at 8.50 which was ludicrous but has been backed down to 6.50 now, I don’t think it will get back up to 8.0 but I don’t want to take 6.50 right now, maybe closer to the race.
Horse Race Tip: DELLA CASA LUNGA – 6.0+
Bet Size: 1u

Carlisle Racing Tips

12:45 Carlisle
The bookies have this as a 2 horse race between Johnnywho 1.91 & Whistle Stop Tour 3.0, which makes me think Moon D’Orange has got to be a good price at 13.0. I am torn between Moon D’Orange and Whistle Stop Tour wanting to take on the odds on favourite.
So I am torn, if Moon D’Orange romps home I am going to feel like a right nelly.
For once I am not going to go with prices and it will probably be a mistake but I am going to go with WHISTLE STOP TOUR at 3.0 widely available. Moon D’Orange is currently 20.0 on the exchange so I will probably have a little saver at that price.
There is just to many unknowns in this race and the price isn’t great so I am just going to have 0.5 units on this one, as well as a little saver on Moon D’Orange which I will not be putting in the results.
Horse Race Tip: WHISTLE STOP TOUR – 3.0+
Bet Size: 0.5u

14:30 Carlisle
I know it is a short price but THUNDER ROCK is probably nap of the day on the horses on this Sunday afternoon. The only problem is how fit will be after 197 days off the track? All 4 runners in the race have not raced for around 200 days so they could all be a little rusty. THUNDER ROCK & Bass Rock have performed well in the past of lengthy lay offs. Mahler Mission is a top chaser which means we can’t go mad with this one. The more I look into this race the more I like Mahler Mission, all I am going to hope for is the distance is too short for him. The last few minutes work I did on this race has completely changed how much I was going to bet, its gone from a nice bet to a smallish bet. I can’t write off Bass Rock or Bill Baxter either. It’s almost not a bet after I have finished my research, definitly not my nap now. I have taken 2.54 on the exchange.
Horse Race Tip: THUNDER ROCK – 2.40+
Bet Size: 1u

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