Racing Tips Today 1/12/23

Yesterday Staked:   1.0u

Yesterday Profit/Loss : (-1.0u)

Staked This Month:  (115.25u)
Profit/Loss This Month: (+44.38u)
Staked Since Start of Blog : (115.25u)
Profit Since Start of Blog : (+44.38u)
38% ROI
I suggest bankroll wise having at least 100 units (that you don’t mind losing! Anything can happen in gambling) and 1 unit would equal 1% of your bankroll and change your bankroll daily/weekly depending on profit/loss.
First off, RIP to Shane MacGowan, a true legend in my eyes! I love The Pogues. I have only met 2 people in my life who also think The Pogues are a great band, truly underated.
Well… the first month of the blog could not have gone any better, from memory we have had an 18/1, 21/1 and 33/1 winner this month plus plenty other good winners… obviously, that is how we have ended a month we staked 115 units with 38% ROI.
Once we get into the flat season I will be having a minimum of 300 units on per month, this is the slowest time of the year, bring on the King George Chase.
Newbury today but this damn social life has me out again!
So tips tonight will be between 8pm and 10am, I nearly always have a couple of bets I put on in the morning that I have kept an eye on overnight. I always try and get them on the website by 10am.

Doncaster Racing Tips

14:35 Doncaster
I can’t see how ROCKINASTORM is not value here.
Horse Race Tip: ROCKINASTORM – 4.00+
Bet Size: 1u

Musselburgh Racing Tips

14:10 Musselburgh
It would take a bigger man then me to turn down the 26.0 on offer for DIAMOND STATE at bet 365, small bet as I am not confident.
Horse Race Tip: DIAMOND STATE – 16.0+
Bet Size: 0.25u each way 3places

Newbury Racing Tips

12:40 Newbury
I like DJELO here, possibly love him. His chase debut at Aintree 3 weeks ago was fantastic and was a great battling performance just to get up. I am worried about RUSSIAN RULER because his last 2 runs have glowing reviews in my tracker. And there is a couple of others that can win the race. Anyway I am going to take the 3.25 now (3.50 on the exchange) This could drift, it could shorten I have no idea, but I think 3.25 is a decent price.
Horse Race Tip: DJELO – 3.00+
Bet Size: 1.50u

13:15 Newbury
I’m going to take MAX OF STARS(8.0) here, now theres a heavy favourite in the race very likely to win, so I am going to take MAX OF STARS at 3.75 on Sky Bet without the favourite. You can get the same price on will hill, and more will come available tomorrow.
Horse Race Tip: MAX OF STARS w/o fav – 3.50+
Bet Size: 1.00u

13:50 Newbury
This is a good race, I can make a case for every runner. Which is why it suprises me to see Hermes Allen priced at 2.63, which means he’s probably better than I think he is. But I am taking him on. If you’re a layer, this is a great lay in my opinion, but I’m going to dutch MARBLE SANDS(5.50) & NICKLE BACK(5.50)
Horse Race Tip: MARBLE SANDS 5.0+ / NICKLE BACK 5.0+
Bet Size: 1.00u total

14:25 Newbury
Great card at Newbury and this is another good competitive race. I think FRERO BANBOU at 6.0 each way is a good bet and that is what I am taking.
Horse Race Tip: FRERO BANBOU – 5.0+
Bet Size: 0.50u each way 3 places

Dundalk Racing Tips

19:00 Dundalk
I’m having a gamble on AUTOCRAT at 19.0 and this is a gamble! More likely to finish last than first but I would have to end my life if it somehow ended up winning, so I am having a small bet.
Horse Race Tip: AUTOCRAT – 16.0+
Bet Size: 0.25u each way 4 places

**Morning Update** – 9:30am

I still have to finish Dundalk but there wont be much, I will have them uploaded by 11am if there are any bets.
12:40 Newbury
DJELO is still just about backable at 3.0, but has been backed significantly so far.
13:15 Newbury
Wow MAX OF STARS has really been backed, we took 3.75 w/o favourite last night, and now the best price available is 2.75 and that does not look like holding.
13:50 Newbury
The dutch has been backed, especially MARBLE SANDS going from 5.50 to 4.33.
14:10 Musselburgh
Card has been abandoned. Glad I stayed up until 2am finishing it.
14:25 Newbury
I only took FRERO BANBOU just now at 6.0, he’s available for 6.50, I will be concerned if it just drifts and goes off at like 8.0+
14:35 Doncaster
I was just writing this was nap of the day, and I got 4.60 on the exchange and I see Doncaster has been called off now! What a fucking disaster. I loved this bet. The only silver lining to losing 2 meetings is most of my bets are at Newbury.
I am done just the 1 bet was added at Dundalk. It is all about Newbury today, but god knows what the ground will be like.

Race Recaps

12:40 Newbury

Boooooooom!!! Never in doubt that, apart from that jump 5 out where he stopped dead, I mean he is just in a different class to the horses in that race. I probably should have had 2 units on it, possibly 3.

13:15 Newbury

BOOOOOOOM!!! I got a bit worried we was going to win then, which isn’t a sentence I say every day! We got 2nd and lost to the odds on favourite like we thought.

13:50 Newbury

Yeah Hermes Allen is just better than I thought. We got 2nd, but couldn’t compete with that.

14:25 Newbury

Fucking hell man, who the fuck watched that? We’d won the race, we jumped brilliantly all the way around and he absolutely fluffed the LAST jump as bad as you can whilst staying on the horse. We got 2nd, but fucking hell man, tiny profit, should have been great profit! Gutted, the replays just keep getting shown in the background as I am writing this. I cannot believe he has not won that. There is no doubt he wins that race, absolutely NONE with just a standard jump on the last.

19:00 Dundalk
Mini boooom for place money at 20/1.
Two wins and two 2nds from our 4 races is not bad at all. Should have been 3 winners! With just a small outsider bet at Dundalk to come. Basically guaranteed a 100% ROI day.
Racing is fucked tomorrow, I have no idea what to do, every meeting has an inspection in the morning, and I don’t think any meeting is above 50% to happen tomorrow.
So, I don’t know what to do, it takes a long time to study these races to find these bets, and to then wake up in the morning and every meeting has been cancelled will be guttering.

Yesterday Staked:   5.0u

Yesterday Profit/Loss : (+6.01u)

Feel free to buy me a coffee it takes a long time to go through the races, and I would very much appreciate it.

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