Racing Tips Today 10/12/23

Yesterday Staked:  7.50u

Yesterday Profit/Loss : (+5.38u)

Staked This Month:  30.25u
Profit/Loss This Month: (+28.04u)
Staked Since Start of Blog : 145.50u
Profit Since Start of Blog : (+72.42u)
48% ROI
I suggest bankroll wise having at least 100 units (that you don’t mind losing! Anything can happen in gambling) and 1 unit would equal 1% of your bankroll and change your bankroll daily/weekly depending on profit/loss.
And I will keep mentioning for anybody that is new, that is 5.38 units profit, NOT returned, total returned is 12.88 units, just so there is no confusion over how this blog is crushing it.
Don’t you just love Saturdays? This time last week 14 units profit, followed up by another 5.38 units profit yesterday. In real terms if you was betting £20 per unit just this Saturday and last Saturday you would be up nearly £400 profit.
And we had a couple of good bets that won yesterday that was not on the blog, but hopefully you managed to get.
Buy me a coffee for my hard work, this is one crazy heater!
I should be feeling your love, I should be swimming in coffee.
Anyway, let’s move onto Sundays horse racing. Couple of jump meetings and a shitty AW, the jump meetings look nice at first glance, especially for a Sunday, so hopefully there is at least a couple of nice bets.

13:50 Wolverhampton
This is a race for 2 year olds on the AW, so I am not going mad, but I will have a little bet on FIRST ENCORE here. I’ve taken the 4.0 widely available.
Horse Race Tip: FIRST ENCORE – 3.75+
Bet Size: 0.50 units

15:50 Wolverhampton
I must say I am not buzzing with this bet on PRINCE ALI, but it just about passes my betting threshold at 8.0+, there are a couple more likely winners, the price is just about a profitable one. I’ve taken 8.50 each way.
Horse Race Tip: PRINCE ALI – 8.0+
Bet Size: 0.50u each way 3 places

I can’t get the Cork bets right now, but I will try throughout the day, I will probably get the prices I want this is why you should consider…
I am thinking about starting a premium tipping service on telegram. I will start a private group where I can post my bets the exact time I take them, so you will be taking ALL of my bets at the exact prices I take. I am a professional gambler, this is what I do for a living. Check out this page for more.
As usual yellow will not be on the blog, but I will be trying to take at the right prices throughout the day.
11:15am FIL DOR bet is backable most places, but I will still leave it off of the blogs results.

Race Recaps

13:50 Wolverhampton
BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! FIRST ENCORE got backed crazy, going off at around 2.50 on the exchange and we took 4.0 with the bookies, nice win, squeaky bum time at the end, I think we needed the line.
Mini Booooooom! Everybody should have got FIL DOR but I still won’t put it on the blog, another reason why if you are serious you should think about joining my premium tipping. I got 3.50, 4.0 was knocking around for ages. It’s gone off around 2.30 on the exchange, so I hope it was you guys smashing the price! And El Fabiolo is a ridiculous horse, I mean come on, he has jogged round, Fil Dor is a really good horse and couldn’t get close.
15:50 Wolverhampton
I would argue that is a terrible ride, he might agree, he might argue that it was the only way to play it from that draw, but I could have told him how the race was going to end pre-race if he told me his tactics.
We technically made 0.50 units profit today, but I you have no excuses not to have backed FIL DIOR, so unofficially we won 1.75 units.
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Buy me a coffee for my hard work, this is one crazy heater!






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    Have you checked your results based on Betfair SP?

    1. mrfreaky

      No, why would I care about that? I wouldn’t take most of my bets at SP, we are betting for value here, how would I know if a random price is value or not?

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