Racing Tips Today 11/12/23

0.50 units proft yesterday, but unofficially 1.75 units profit.

Yesterday Staked:  1.50u

Yesterday Profit/Loss : (+0.50u)

Staked This Month:  31.75u
Profit/Loss This Month: (+28.54u)
Staked Since Start of Blog : 147.00u
Profit Since Start of Blog : (+72.92u)
48% ROI
I suggest bankroll wise having at least 100 units (that you don’t mind losing! Anything can happen in gambling) and 1 unit would equal 1% of your bankroll and change your bankroll daily/weekly depending on profit/loss.

Not a lot on Monday, the Ayr jumps card could be good, Lingfield could be ok, and then a shitty all weather card.

A perfect time to mention my premium tipping where I am going to start a private group, so you can take the bets at the exact time I take them, so get the exact same prices. Find out more here.


14:35 Lingfield
Small bet and that is the theme of the day. This is a veterans race where horses have to be at least 10 years old, so never quite sure what to expect. I am going to have a go on MOONLIGHTER at 4.33 on Bet365.
Horse Race Tip: MOONLIGHTER – 4.00+
Bet Size: 0.50 units

15:05 Lingfield
Taking a gamble on BROOK BAY at 11.0 widely available and keeping my bet small.
Horse Race Tip: BROOK BAY – 9.0+
Bet Size: 0.25u each way 3 places

Well I have awoken to all of my bets have been hammered, I also have 3 at AYR that is no point of going on the website beause they have been hammered. If you don’t want miss these prices, check out my premium tipping group.

I thought the 3 at Ayr would be safe over night, the 2 at Lingfield I put on the blog last night I was worried they would be bet heavily, and they have.

There is nothing I can do about prices when the bookies are handing out free money other than start my private group.

I’ve still got the all weather card to finish, should be done by 10:30am.

13:50 Ayr
This is a gamble, it is one of those I can’t have winning without me backing it. I far from love it, I just don’t want it winning without me being on it. Widely available at 11.0. Even some 12.0 Small bet. I am taking the 11.0 with 4 places.
Horse Race Tip: GRAND VOYAGE – 11.0+
Bet Size: 0.25u each way 4 places

14:50 Ayr
Again, I can only advise a small bet on HIGH MOON, no form but hopefully he’s needed the first 2 runs of the season. With the 3 places being paid from 7 runners, it feels a fine bet.
Horse Race Tip: HIGH MOON – 6.00+
Bet Size: 0.25u each way 3 places

Sorry people a mate came round, and I can’t just kick him out at Christmas because I have the 20:00 Chelmsford to do. So I am leaving it today.


Small bets all round today, no confident picks, but profitable bets.

Race Recaps

13:50 Ayr
Sometimes a horse just does not fancy having a run round, and today GRAND VOYAGE did not fancy a run round. It’s a hard watch when 30 seconds into a 5 minute race you know your horse does not have a chance. The jockeys tried bless him and earned his fee, but that horse did not fancy it. At least we only lost half a unit.
14:35 Lingfield
Came 3rd, gave us a run for our money, but just didn’t have the stamina at the end, it got hammered into 2.50 on the exchange.
14:50 Ayr
At least it came 3rd, probably a tiny loss because of a rule 4.
15:05 Lingfield
Somebody paid £380,000 for BROOK BAY, what the hell were they smoking? I mean seriously, if you paid £38,000 for that horse I would say you’ve paid about £20,000 too much, but somebody bought that horse for £380,000. It can’t even get close to winning a £4,000 race. They’ve paid £380,000 for it! It travels and jumps like a complete donkey and he’s 5! So don’t feel sorry for us today losing 0.50 units, feel sorry for the poor bastard/s that paid £380,000 for a donkey. I can’t speak!
We only ended up losing 1.55 units today.
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    Look forward to the telegram group starting. Keep up the good work

    1. mrfreaky

      Thanks man, yeah I am going to get it started in the next week, just want to figure a few things out.

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