Racing Tips Today 13/12/23

Yesterday Staked:  7.0u

Yesterday Profit/Loss : (-2.64u)

Staked This Month:  40.75u
Profit/Loss This Month: (+24.35u)
Staked Since Start of Blog : 156.00u
Profit Since Start of Blog : (+68.73u)
44% ROI
I suggest bankroll wise having at least 100 units (that you don’t mind losing! Anything can happen in gambling) and 1 unit would equal 1% of your bankroll and change your bankroll daily/weekly depending on profit/loss.
6 Meetings today, but 3 are all weather cards.
I am hoping for a few nice bets, which I think we had yesterday, but it can’t always go the way you want it to. Especially in the conditions we are getting.
More selfless promotion for my premium tipping that I am hoping I will sort out in the next few days, but 6 meetings tomorrow isn’t giving me much time.
Once that goes live I will only update the blog in the morning. And if you have followed the blog you will know you will struggle for prices quite a lot. Where as if you sign up I will message you as soon as I am about to take a bet, you will get the price I take everytime.


It’s hard to trust anything today with the swamps we saw yesterday, and jockeys seem to be braindead in these conditions. 1 of mine went 4 wide for half the race in a 5 runner race, in swamp conditions, it just boggles the mind, he didn’t finish suprisingly.
13:45 Hexham
I’m taking a chance here on a horse that has not finished 4 of his last 6 runs, in conditions where nobody is finishing. But he’s been impressive the 2 times he’s been at Hexham and both runs were in 2023. So basically, horses for courses. Because of his lack of finishing, the turgid conditions, I am keeping the bet to 0.5 units. Taking the 4.50 available on Bet365
Horse Race Tip: GIBBERWELL – 4.0+
Bet Size: 0.5u
14:15 Hexham
Tough race to be confident in, 3 or 4 are all very capable on their day. But I am still a little suprised by ROWDY ROMEO’s price. He will almost certainly get home in these conditions, that’s a big positive with the ground like it is at the minute. The favourite The Village Way only raced 2 weeks ago on soft ground, it will be tough for him to show his best. It’s a decent bet, I think it should be above Rock Danse in the betting. I’m taking the 4.0 on offer at Bet365.
Horse Race Tip: ROWDY ROMEO – 3.50+
Bet Size: 1u
16:45 Dundalk
He’s only ran once but a bit of improvement and he should be very close to winning this. I’m taking the 4.50 widely available.
Horse Race Tip: MCVAY – 4.00
Bet Size: 0.50u
19:30 Kempton
There’s an odds on Godolphin horse in this one which ruins the race abit, I am still going to take MAX VEGA at 17.0 on Bet365, it will be decent place money if he gets in the top 3. And if the race goes his way he could win it the odd time. I think 17.0 is too big not to have a bet.
Horse Race Tip: MAX VEGA – 13.0+
Bet Size: 0.25u each way 3 places
13:35 Leicester
Should be a good race. I think at 3.50 widely available for HAPPY AND FINE is a decent bet. Can’t be confident because of the ground.
Horse Race Tip: HAPPY AND FINE – 3.50+
Bet Size: 0.50u

**Morning Update** 10:00am

Both GIBBERWELL & MAX VEGA you can cash out and retake at the same price for no loss just to get BOG.
ROWDY ROMEO, MCVAY & HAPPY AND FINE are now unbackable having been hammered over night. Don’t want to miss bets like these? Join my tipping service, you would have been instantly messaged as I was about to take these bets.
I am still looking at a couple of others, I will be back here 10:30/11am to declare myself finished.
14:00 Lingfield
I’m not a big fan of the all weather so I will keep my bet small most of the time. I don’t mind CUBAN BREEZE here but there is a fair few reasons not to go mad. I’m being forced into this bet for the blog, where I would prefer to keep an eye on it over the next few hours to get the best price. The blog will take 9.0 with 3 places, 9.50 is available and 9.0 no bog 4 places is available. Exchanges are also paying 1/4 odds on place money instead of 1/5.
Horse Race Tip: CUBAN BREEZE – 9.0+
Bet Size: 0.25u each way 3 places

Race Recaps

13:35 Leicester

BOOOOOOOOM! Although it was a lot more squeeky bum at the end then it looked like it was going to be. There is nothing wrong with the ground at Leicester so I would have had 1 unit if I had known that. Blog got 3.50, I actually got 4.20 on the exchange for my sly brag of the day.

13:45 Hexham

Brutal, got 2nd, can’t complain, he’s given us a good run for our money. He gave everything bless him, that’s all we can ask. 3 miles in those conditions, he never gave up.

14:00 Lingfield

Wow, CUBAN BREEZE got backed into 6/1, and just ran shit. He tried to make all and they’ve gone way too quick! All the prominent horses fell away and all the closers finished high.

14:15 Hexham

Annoying, another 2nd, another one where we have pulled miles clear but finished 2nd. Variance is definitely slapping us in the face now. Not to get a winner from ROWDY ROMEO or GIBBERWELL is pretty outrageous.

16:45 Dundalk

BOOOOOOOM!!! I missed the race. Could have been a great day today, but I am not moaning! 15p rule 4 but still a nice payout.

Guaranteed a small winning day no matter what happens in the last.

19:30 Kempton

Nothing to note.

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