Racing Tips Today 21/11/23

Best Free British & Irish Horse Racing Tips Today Tuesday 21st November

Not a lot to say, bad day of racing yesterday, we only had 2 units on. I’m still annoyed about Notre Belle Bete.

With 6 meetings tomorrow I am hoping for a couple of nice bets, but this time of year… who knows?

Yesterday Staked:   2 units

Yesterday Profit/Loss : (-2 u)

Staked This Month:  (85.75u)
Profit/Loss This Month: (+39.00u)
Staked Since Start of Blog : (85.75u)
Profit Since Start of Blog : (+39.00u)
45% ROI
I suggest bankroll wise having at least 100 units (that you don’t mind losing! Anything can happen in gambling) and 1 unit would equal 1% of your bankroll and change your bankroll daily/weekly depending on profit/loss.

Lingfield Racing Tips

13:45 Lingfield
I am not sure how the market will move in this race, but I would like a drift on SUPER SURVIVOR currently 3.25, but I am looking for a minimum 3.75, so I will wait until the morning. If you get above 3.75 it’s a good value bet.
Horse Race Tip: SUPER SURVIVOR – 3.75+
Bet Size: 1 unit

14:55 Lingfield
I’m going to have a go on TARA ITI, I’m not thrilled with this bet, but with the claimer on board, I can’t let this horse go off above 6.0, I just can’t do it. Currently 6.50 I am going to chance it, and wait until the morning to get bog, could be a drifter this, will be annoying if it shortens. It’s a competitive race, you need above 6.0 in my opinion.
Horse Race Tip: TARA ITI – 6.0+
Bet Size: 0.5u each way

Fakenham Racing Tips

14:30 Fakenham
There is a smidging of value in GEORGI GIRL at 3.50 which is what I am going to take. The trainers bang out of form, and the horse only ran 15 days ago or I would be a lot more confident in this bet. You can wait until the morning as it might drift, but I am going to take the 3.50 on offer.
Horse Race Tip: GEORGI GIRL – 3.00+
Bet Size: 1 unit

Hereford Racing Tips

12:55 Hereford
I have taken BERTIE WOOSTER at 4.50, I think it is a good price. With 12 runners you can always find one too good, but BERTIE should give us a good run here, and the price should be a profitable one.
Horse Race Tip: BERTIE WOOSTER – 4.50
Bet Size: 1 unit

14:05 Hereford
TIQUE has got to improve alot, she’s got to improve her jumping significantly, but I see a little potential. This could go spectacularly wrong, but you know it’s 25/1. If she improves her jumping, with the new distance, back on a good surface, maybe…maybe it might just click and give us a good run for our money at 25/1. Bookies are tight as arseholes with their places in maidens, 13 runners and only 3 places…ridiculous.
Horse Race Tip: TIQUE – 21.0+
Bet Size: 0.25u each way 3 places

15:15 Hereford
I think IMAC WOOD has got to go close in this one and the 7.0 4 places widely on offer has to be a good price. Which I am taking.
Horse Race Tip: IMAC WOOD – 6.0+
Bet Size: 0.50u each way 4 places

Limerick Racing Tips

13:00 Limerick
This is an Irish maiden so who knows what some of these horses are capable of, but CHIEFS KINGDOM has caught my eye. I’m going to have to keep the bet small, if we could have got an each way price we could have gone pretty big. Currently 4.0, I am going to wait until the morning and hope it does not get hammered.
Horse Race Tip: CHIEFS KINGDOM – 3.50+
Bet Size: 0.50 units

Chelmsford Racing Tips

18:30 Chelmsford
Interesting handicap, competitive handicap. I expect Baldomero to be very close and is the right favourite, but I am hoping for a little drift on JUSTCALLMEPETE, I think 7.0+ would be a good price so I hope it gets there at some point.
Horse Race Tip: JUSTCALLMEPETE – 7.0+
Bet Size: 0.75 units each way 3 places

View morning report and live blog here.

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