Racing Tips Today 25/11/23

I am gutted that I had to miss Fridays racing but I had to deal with someone that I have been putting off.

I couldn’t start work until 10am and at that point it’s not really worth it, I will feel rushed and then if it goes tits up I am going to blame myself.

The Ascot card looked really good, but it looks even better for Saturdays racing.

I am clucking to get started now I have got that life shite out of the way.

Staked This Month:  (95.25u)
Profit/Loss This Month: (+34.10u)
Staked Since Start of Blog : (95.25u)
Profit Since Start of Blog : (+34.10u)
35% ROI
I suggest bankroll wise having at least 100 units (that you don’t mind losing! Anything can happen in gambling) and 1 unit would equal 1% of your bankroll and change your bankroll daily/weekly depending on profit/loss.

No More Bets.

ITV 7 Racing Tips

13:50 – Gaillard Du Mesnil

14:05 – (pick one at random)

14:20 – Haydock – Howlingmadmurdock / Lord Snootie

14:35 – State Man

15:00 Haydock – Protektorat / Bravemansgame

15:15 Asc0t – Boothill / Saint Segal / Triple Trade

15:35 Haydock – Famous Bridge

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Lingfield Racing Tips

13:10 Lingfield
Super tough class 2 handicap, I can genuinely see any of them winning, but I am just wondering if the top weight MISTY GREY has a little value. With most bookies paying 3 places and only 7 runners in the race, I am going to take MISTY GREY each way at 5.50. I’m not going to be suprised if this horse comes last or first, its that kind of race, but I think there is value in the 5.50.
Horse Race Tip: MISTY GREY – 5.50+
Bet Size: 0.50 units each way 3 places

Punchestown Racing Tips

12:13 Punchestown
JHENGTONG ENKI is worth a shot here in this 20 runner Irish maiden hurdle with an odds on favourite if you can get 8.0+ That would be enough to tempt me to have a small bet.
Horse Race Tip: JHENGTONG ENKI – 8.0+
Bet Size: 0.25u each way 3 places

12:48 Punchestown
Another race another odds on Willie Mullins runner, and call me daft because I am going to take it on again. INOTHEWAYURTHINKIN looked great in his return race which he finished 2nd and if he has shaken off some rust and improves from that he is going to very close in my opinion. So the 8.0 seems a great each way price. I’m taking the 8.0 on offer now at Bet365.
Bet Size: 0.50u each way 3 places

14:35 Punchestown 
You would think that STATE MAN is going to win this, so I am betting ECHOES IN RAIN without the favourite if I can get a right price, which is over 1.75.
Horse Race Tip: ECHOES IN RAIN without State Man – 1.75+
Bet Size: 1u

15:08 Punchestown
YEATS STAR has got to go close here surely, and the 4.50 on offer feels a nice price.
Horse Race Tip: YEATS STAR – 4.00+
Bet Size: 1u

Huntington Racing Tips

13:03 Huntington
I’ve backed SASHENKA this morning at 2.25.
Horse Race Tip: SASHENKA
Bet Size: 1u

14:13 Huntington
PARC DAMOUR has got to be near at the end of this one, has to be, if he stays on his feet.
Horse Race Tip: PARC DAMOUR
Bet Size: 1u

Haydock Racing Tips

12:40 Haydock
I’m going to have a go on REAL STONE here hoping he’s too well handicapped. It’s competitive so I’m hoping he won’t get smashed in price overnight, could drift. So I’m waiting until the morning and hopefully I won’t regret it.
Horse Race Tip: REAL STONE – 3.00+
Bet Size: 1u

13:15 Haydock
FINGALS HILL is going for a 5 timer! And I still think there could be some value in his 7.0 price, even though he has gone up 16lbs in the weights. But 7.0 is such a tempting price.
Horse Race Tip: FINGALS HILL – 6.50+
Bet Size: 0.5u each way 3 places

13:50 Haydock
Tough one this, but if GAILLARD DU MESNIL hits 3.00 it’s worth a small bet. He probably won’t as he has been backed overnight.
Horse Race Tip: GAILLARD DU MESNIL – 3.00+
Bet Size: 0.5u

14:20 Haydock
I’m going to take 2 in this race both each way 5 places. LORD SNOOTIE & HOWLINGMADMURDOCK.
Horse Race Tip: LORD SNOOTIE 9.0+
Bet Size: 0.5u each way 5 places
Bet Size: 0.25u each way 5 places

Ascot Racing Tips

15:15 Ascot
This is a good race, Boothill is the rightful favourite, Triple Trade also interests me at a big price, but I like SAINT SEGAL in this one. 7.0 each way seems like a good bet to me. I’m expecting an exciting finish in this one, unless Boothill just pisses it.
Horse Race Tip: SAINT SEGAL – 6.50+
Bet Size: 0.50u each way 3 places

Wolverhampton Racing Tips

19:15 Wolverhampton
I don’t mind MUSCIKA here at 6.50/7.0 for an each way play. He’s won his last 2 races so he is up 11lbs in the ratings, but he should still be very competitive today.
Horse Race Tip: MUSCIKA – 6.0+
Bet Size: 0.5u each way 3 places

Morning Update – 10:00am

More bets may still be to come, I have to finish Huntington and Wolverhampton, and I have a couple of bets that have not reached a price I would like yet.

GAILLARD DU MESNIL (13:50) is looking like 3.00 will be available so that is likely to be taken soon and ECHOES IN RAIN is more than likely going to be available.

This is what my bets look like so far.


Alot of bets today which is standard for a Saturday, could go horribly wrong, could go fantastic, lets hope for the latter! One thing we do know is the majority, if not all are good value bets.

Race Recaps + Updates Past 11:30am

12:13 Punchestown
JHENTONG ENKI is now backable with 10 minutes until the start. 8.0 is widely available. Small bet remember…
Drifted like a barge before the start of the race, available for 17.0 on the exchange and he gave us a run for our money, but ended up 5th. That winner is a serious horse and I can see why it was odds on now.

12:40 Haydock
BOOOOOOOM!!! REAL STONE has pissed this race without ever getting out of 2nd gear, I can only imagine some of the horses have not turned up here, because that was too easy. But we will take it!

12:48 Punchestown
We’ve came 2nd to the odds on favourite who was quite literally in a race by himself. He never got out of 1st gear. Decent place money at 7/1.

13:03 Huntington
BOOOOM! SASHENKA got backed into an odds on favour on the exchange and duly obliged.

13:10 Lingfield
They’ve gone way too fast up front and it favoured the closers, unfortunately our horse was up with the ferocious pace.

13:15 Haydock
FINGALS HILL never turned up, my second choice would have been Stainsby Girl who came 2nd at around 16/1

Not going to be able to get GALLIARD DU MESNIL in the 13:50 Haydock unfortunately.
It didn’t win anyway but it did cost me a 30/1 accumalator.

Not going to get ECHOES IN RAIN 14:35 Punchestown now either because that has also been heavily backed.

14:20 Haydock
I don’t know how we haven’t got place money with LORD SNOOTIE? He was 3rd with about 100 yards left and managed to finish 6th when we needed top 5! Ridiculous.

It won’t go on the blog results but I managed to get ECHOES IN RAIN at 1.85 on the exchange it went off around 2.0! And it has won (came 2nd) very easily. So I hope one or two of you may have got it as well.

15:08 Punchestown
BOOOOOOOM! YEATS STAR just hangs on at the end in a very tight finish to win at 4.50.

15:15 Ascot
First off I hope Saint Segal is fine, he has fell at the last while leading and looked the winner to me, I just think he wins that race nearly everytime with a good jump at the last. Boothill has ended up winning, but I think I backed the right horse.

We have one more bet left but that is not until 19:15, but we have guaranteed a profitable day no matter what and hopefully 1 or 2 of you got the Echoes In Rain bet.

Today Staked:   10 units

Yesterday Profit/Loss : ( +2.20u) * so far, 1 bet left

Feel free to buy me a coffee it takes a long time to go through the races, and I would very much appreciate it.

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