Racing Tips Today 8/12/23

Yesterday Staked:  1.50u

Yesterday Profit/Loss : (+5.50u)

Staked This Month:  19.50u
Profit/Loss This Month: (+19.51u)
Staked Since Start of Blog : 134.75u
Profit Since Start of Blog : (+63.89u)
47% ROI
I suggest bankroll wise having at least 100 units (that you don’t mind losing! Anything can happen in gambling) and 1 unit would equal 1% of your bankroll and change your bankroll daily/weekly depending on profit/loss.
Much better day today we had a 2nd which was unlucky after we beat the odds on favourite and we banged out a 10/1 winner.
A massive 5.50 units PROFIT today, NOT returned, from the 2 bets and could have been even better.
I’ve just watched the LETABA race and he’s absolutely pissed it, so I can see why he was backed down to 7/2.
Anyway onto Friday and I don’t hold out much hope, it’s pissing it down where I am, has been all day, so the ground is likely to be terrible or the meeting will be cancelled.
5 meetings, and what looks like a tasty Sandown card, so let’s all pray the Sandown card is on, and the ground isn’t horrendous.
Completely off topic, I have had 30 unique IP addresses from Denmark in the last 7 days. What’s that about? Do the Danes love their racing or are people using VPNS?
I would like to leave England and live somewhere else, any Danes want to contact me and tell me how easy it is to bet on English racing? Do they have Betfair exchange?

No More Bets

So I have just got in ready to start and we have already lost 2 meetings, so all we are left with now is Sandown and 2 shitty AW meetings. They are very hopeful Sandown goes ahead, so at least that is something. What the ground will be like is another question. Plus it is only a 6 race card, what is this, 6 races, it’s barely worth getting out of bed for.
15:00 Sandown
ANIMAL at 10.0 on Bet365 is a nice each way bet which is what I am taking.
Horse Race Tip: ANIMAL – 9.0+
Bet Size: 0.50u each way 3 places
17:15 Newcastle
There’s plenty to respect in this race but I think the oldest horse in the race is worth a go here. POWER OF DARKNESS on Bet365 at 6.00 seems pretty reasonable to me.
Horse Race Tip: POWER OF DARKNESS – 5.00+
Bet Size: 0.50u each way 4 places
Added in the morning:
13:50 Sandown
Not much to say about this bet, it’s 9/1(10.0) in a 5 runner race, but I think JOSH THE BOSS is worth a tiny gamble at that price. He should like the ground.
Horse Race Tip: JOSH THE BOSS – 8.0+
Bet Size: 0.25u
Still a couple more I am looking at, but need prices to change, my last bets will be up by 11am if there is any.
Cash out the POWER OF DARKNESS bet on Bet365 if you took it last night and take it at the exact same odds just so you have BOG incase it drifts.
FAST BUCK in the 13:15 Sandown price has came available (10:30am) and is widely available for 6.50.
13:15 Sandown
There’s a big problem with this race and his name is Ballybreeze, if he stays on his feet I expect him to win, but he has failed to the last twice and he has only raced 4 times, AND he has been well found in the market at 3.25. I’m going to take an each way bet on FAST BUCK not the best price at 6.5 but just about good enough.
Horse Race Tip: FAST BUCK – 5.50+
Bet Size: 0.5u each way 3 places
I will leave OSCAR DOODLE off of the blog results, but I will be keeping an eye on the price all day, if the price comes available, I will still take it. Just it will NOT be on the blog results.

Race Recaps

13:15 Sandown

Just a donkey, which I was scared about as it has ran shit in its 2 runs this season, I was hoping Sandown and the soft ground would revitalise him, but that was not the case.

13:50 Sandown

Ahhh, we unseated the rider at the last! Would we have won? I don’t know but we was in 2nd when we fell at the last.

15:00 Sandown

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!! ANIMAL pisses it at 9/1!!! Great ride by Gavin.

17:15 Newcastle

I don’t know why it just faded out so quickly after being in a good position, but what can you do?
Still a nice profitable day and it is Saturday tomorrow.

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3 responses to “Racing Tips Today 8/12/23”

  1. Avatar

    I am Danish, and I use VPN. But 30? Maybe a handful based on the device I’m using.
    We got Betfair exchange here.
    Forget about BOG at the bookies. Not offered here. And Bet365 doesn’t even offer horse racing in Denmark

    1. mrfreaky

      I would prefer access to the Betfair exchange more than anything! I take most of my bets on the exchange, it’s not really a problem when you know what is a decent price for the horse, and I do this for a living so my day is spent looking at the exchange at prices, seeing where the markets going and then taking the price I think is best.

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