Recap of UK Horse Racing Tips 3/11/23

Recap 3/11/23 horse racing tips


11:15 Newmarket –
Zoum Zoum got hammered in price and went off 2.64 on the exchange, I didn’t get the bet but I did say last night 3.25 which was available was a good price. So win or lose it would have been a nice value bet.
Zoum Zoum did end up winning, in fact he pissed it in style. I probably should have taken the 3.25, but I need to know when I am gambling I am taking value bets and not just the horse I think is most likely to win. I don’t bet the horse that is most likely to win the majority of the time because there is no value.

12:15 Newmarket
Maxzeno got hammered into favourite at 7.00 on the exchange at starting price!! I tipped this up at 23.0 and it even drifted last night to 28.0.
He ended up coming 4th, so it paid. He ended up finishing like a train at the end but I just don’t think he was ever in a great position. But that is why I would take 15/1+ but would never have taken the 6/1 starting price.
This game is all about value bets.

13:25 Newmarket
Hamish ran really well and ended up winning reasonably comfortably, it went off at around 2.50 on the exchange which would have made it backable for me, not the 1.72 bet365 opened up with! Which I said was a terrible price, looking back it probably isn’t far off that price, but we didn’t have this knowledge before did we! I am happy with the Max Vega bet, he never let the 3 short priced runners in the market get away from him. At 15.0 I am happy it was a value bet, and that is all I am interested in. I also got a run for my money as he was in it right until the finish line.

14:00 Newmarket
I’m not one to slag off a jockie as you will find out in this blog, I do it very infrequent, but let’s just say I was not happy with the ride on Ectocross, I believe that should have been getting in the money. She’s centre pack in a decent position and then she’s slowed it right down, to pull it out and come up the rail. And I will admit that I know nothing about being a jockey, thats just from what I saw from my eyes, I don’t trip handicap at all. I am an idiot when it comes to these things, but from what I saw I am not pleased.

17:45 Newcastle
Elzaal was available upto 7.40 I saw on the exchange, I took 6.80 around midday and took 2.40 on the top 3 finish market, so it is just like an each way bet with a win @ 6.60 & a place bet of 2.40. 0.5units on each just like an each way bet.
Went off around 6.0 which is about minimum I would take, its ended up finishing 4th and I needed top 3. Honestly I dont know what has happened here? It’s been completely outpaced throughout the race and then comes like a train. Pretty frustrating day, but only a small loser. It would have been nice if Elzaal or Ectocross cashed because I believe at least one of them should have and would have on most days.






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