Recap of UK Horse Racing Tips 4/11/23

Recap Saturdays Horse Racing Tips


Morning Update

Waking up Saturday morning, I can see Ramiro has been hammered to an unbackable 9/1.

Vintage Fizz has really shocked me and been backed into 6/1 which I am really happy about.

I managed to take my Gallic Geordie bet at 13.0 4places on bet365.

I have actually cashed out my Salsada bet at 21.0 for a 20% loss and rebet at 34.0 3 places, its very worrying for a horse like mine to drift how I study them, but with 3 places available in a 7 runner race and the odds of 34.0 its a no brainer to me.

I’ve taken 1.80 on Bravemansgame on the exchange.

Monbeg Genius has hit a backable price at 7.00 and I have taken it, although it may drift more.

Morning Update 2

Gutted about Salsada being a non-runner even though it drifted like a barge, I think it was the value bet of the day.

With the non runner in the Urban Sprawl race I will now take a price above 6.75 instead of 7.50.

Evening Update

Wow… wow, I just don’t know how I’ve lost money today? Most days like this you would be looking at a 50%-150% roi day, not a losing day!

FIVE(5) 2nds!! 3 of them bottled the last hurdle, the very last one, all three!

A 16/1 & a 12/1 losing by less than a head in 2nd.

Five 2nds and we only bet on 11 races. Another couple of horses finished one place outside of the money.

This is horse racing at the end of the day, today was an annoying day, but I’ve had much worse. I just hope this blog is not cursed or I will have to stop.

The blog lost 1.43 units today, around 12%.

Today: 11.5units

Today Profit/Loss : (-1.43u)

Staked This Month:  (15u)
Profit/Loss This Month: (-2.63u)
Staked Since Start of Blog : (15u)
Profit Since Start of Blog : (-2.63u)


13:02 Newmarket
Ramiro has travelled like a dream, looked the winner all the way and tried his big heart out but Momaer just managed to hold him off. The front 2 have pulled well clear of the field. Like I said this was a nice value bet at the 16/1 I gave you last night, just wish I was a bit quicker and could have got the 25/1. Still got ok place money. I hope this isnt a curse for starting this blog, because I feel a little jinxed early on.

13:15 Wetherby
Gallic Geordie unfortunately came 5th, so again nothing wrong with this and was a nice little value bet but I didn’t get paid, Skybet did pay 5 places so if you bet with them you would have got paid. I must say the horse travelled well throughout and the jockey rode it like he had the winner, I think he could have sent him off to the front of the pack a little earlier, but what do I know?

14:05 Ascot
Boothill has been trading above the 5.60 I took on the exchange all day, but with 5 minutes until the off it has dropped under and is currently 4.70.
Boothill’s just won with ease and I must say I was very impressed with the ride, I was watching it thinking if you don’t win this you need to answer some questions, so very impressed with the jockey. But he did just have the best horse in the race which I did think. I should have had 1u ew but it was the layoff that worried me, oh well still a nice win.

14:15 Ayr
Wow, what was I saying about this blog being jinxed? Vintage Fizz has just been done by a nose at 12/1(13.0). That is a little annoying. But again this is what I do here, I provide fantastic value bets, I can’t make the horse win.

14:47 Newmarket
You Got Me got backed into 9/2(5.50) at starting price from the 7/1(8.0) I tipped up. Annoying that it’s gone onto finish 5th when I needed top 4, the front 5 have pulled along way clear of the rest, so the bet was good but just unfortunate we didn’t get paid.

14:53 Ayr
Ginger Mail got backed into favourite at around 4/1(5.0) from the 13/2(7.50) I tipped up. Wow it’s brutal, this blog is jinxed! 3rd second of the day and Ginger Mail has thrown it away at the last. Heartbreaking, this is a cruel game when you can’t get a bit of luck!

15:00 Wetherby
Fantastic jumping by Bravemansgame, such a classy horse!
Wow… shoot me now, he’s blew the last, thats twice in under 10 minutes my horses have blew the last jump and came 2nd!!
This is a jinxed blog!!

15:45 Ascot
Not sure what just happened? Monbeg Park looked in a fine position to challenge, buckled on a jump and I think the jockey lost his irons. Hopefully it was nothing more than that.

15:57 Newmarket
It gave us a run for our money which is the least we ask, but it just ran out of steam in the last half furlong.

16:30 Chelmsford
There was a non-runner in the market worth 15% so I lowered the price to take on Urban Sprawl. I ended up taking Urban Sprawl at 6.60 for the win and 1.95 for a top 3 finish on the exchange. He drifted 5mins before the race to 8.2. I wish I waited, but it soon dropped back down to 6.0.
And how has the day gone? Yes, you fucking guessed it another bloody second!! It’s beat the 2 short priced favourites and lost to a horse at similar odds. Just sums up the day really.


But if you see it from my professional gamblers view it’s been a succesful day today, even though I lost I know at least 10 out of 11 of my bets were really good value bets and that is how you make money in this game over the long run.






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