Recap of UK Horse Racing Tips 5/11/23

Recapping The Days Horse Racing Bets

Updated throughout the day.

Morning update:
WHAT PATH has shortened.
Well I see SENCIA drifted which didn’t suprise me that’s why I backed at Coral for bog.
FLASH DE TOUZAINE I am going to have to take on the exchange, as that has shortened.
NO MORE PORTER has been hammered and I am gutted I have missed the price.
FALCON EIGHT has drifted as well but I had a feeling it would, again I bet this with the Coral for bog.
NEPTUNES STAIRCASE has shortened quite a lot.
MOFASA is the 3rd mistake I have made by not backing the previous night!! Hopefully can sneak a price on the exchange later.
DELLA CASA LUNGA is the 4th and biggest mistake now at 4.50 from 6.50 and I did not back last night.
Pretty gutted all in all, I had found some great bets, but just didn’t think they would be hammered over night. I will keep an eye all day right until SP, but a few mainly DELLA CASA LUNGA and MOFASA and probably NO MORE PORTER all should have been taken last night.

Morning Update 2:
I’ve taken the 12.50 on the exchange for FLASH DE TOUZAINE

Horse Racing Recaps

12:45 Carlisle
I got a saver on Moon D’Orange at 18.0 on the exchange and went off at 11.0, Whistle Stop Tour drifted heavily on the exchange near 5.0.
Wow, that Johnnywho looks a serious talent, but I had to take on the odds on shot here! I had 2nd and 3rd! I should have taken Moon D’Orange each way at 13.0 which I would have done 9 times out of 10, I don’t know why I didn’t? I always go for price!!

13:40 Huntington
I didnt get Mofasa unfortunately but I have got it in a few multiples. It won pretty easily, bad decision of me not to take the bet at 3.0, that was a terrible decision. I should be punished!

14:05 Cork
I really do have seconditus at the minute, I am starting to think the blog was a bad idea. I might have pissed off the gambling gods.

14:15 Huntington
This is why we take prices though Della Casa Lunga hasn’t ran badly, at 5 or 6/1 it was a fine bet, but not 7/2 it went off at, its came 3rd, if I took the 13/2 last night, it would have been a tiny profit, my min price was 5/1 which would have broken even.

14:25 Curragh
No More Porter is another one I didn’t manage to get my bet on because the price got smashed over night when I did not think it would. It’s going off around 6.40 on the exchange which I just cant back, I would have needed 9.0+ absolute minimum.
Again No More Porter would have given you a run for your money, but I was right it was too short to back in the end, and I have been saved as it has came 7th. 10/1 would have been a decent price, which is somewhere around where I said last night.

14:30 Carlisle
Boom! Beautiful ride by Sean Bowen. Won very easily in the end. I will be keeping my eye on Mahler Mission as well this season when it goes back over further.

14:40 Cork
Senecia was one that drifted, but has come back down and at starting price is 5.50 on the exchange.
Senecia has got 3rd but nowhere near good enough to compete with the short priced winner Letsbeclearaboutit.

15:00 Curragh
Boom! Another comfortable victory! Falcon Eight has pissed the race against good horses.

15:15 Cork
Flash De Touzaine has travelled well throughout, definitly got a run for your money, but he just didn’t have it and started running backwards once we swung for the straight. But for 3miles of that race you thought he’s got a chance here at 12/1.

16:10 Curragh
Seriously? I mean WTF is going on here, we’ve just lost a photo finish to top of this crazy weekend of variance. It’s outrageous! How can you deny this was a value bet we was 7/2 against an odds on favourite and lost a photo finish. Dissapointing start to the blog convincing me it’s a cursed blog.

Today: 6.5units

Today Profit/Loss : (0.52u)

Staked This Month:  (21.5u)
Profit/Loss This Month: (-2.11u)
Staked Since Start of Blog : (21.5u)
Profit Since Start of Blog : (-2.11u)
I am not just saying this but I don’t know how this blog is not in profit yet, but obviously only 3 days, there is high variance in horse racing, but its just how close ive come so many times to a nice winner, a couple of them romp home and where looking at 60%+ roi and a nice start to the blog.

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