Recap of UK Horse Racing Tips 6/11/23

Recap of Todays Horse Racing Tips

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Today: 5 units

Today Profit/Loss : (-1.89u)

Staked This Month:  (26.5u)
Profit/Loss This Month: (-4.00u)
Staked Since Start of Blog : (26.5u)
Profit Since Start of Blog : (-4.00u)

Morning update:

Most horses have been well backed and are now at unbackable prices which is good, WAY OF LIFE drifted so I cashed out for a 5% loss and redid the same bet on Bet365 this morning at 7.50, 8.50 was available eslewhere but I wanted the 4 places on the eachway. This horse should not finish out the top 4 very often.

14:07 Plumpton
GOODWIN has tried to make all and got stalked by the heavily backed favourite all the way around, we ended up seeing of the favourite, but 11/1 Emailandy was just too well handicapped based on that performance, he’s going up in the ratings. The front 2 have pulled well clear but ours did not see it out, I would have rathered him be prominent then trying to make all. But that is the way this blog goes, another fucking 2nd! Jinxed!

Seriously how many 2nds has this blog put up already? Probably around 50% of all the runners?

14:37 Plump
This was probably the first bad bet of the blog, I didn’t love it last night, but thought it was profitable. It’s not losing a lot of money, but probably should have left it. I cant believe Forever William won, I’m meant to back anything with William in the name for my mum and its just won at around 16/1 so don’t tell her. I didn’t because I just thought the race was so competitive that Forever William wasn’t good enough to win.
Gambling Lesson: Any horse in a race can win it, just remember that.

14:50 Hereford
5th when we needed top 3 with the 40/1 thats not a bad bet in my book.

Some days you just get shitty periods like this, that’s why it is so annoying when you bang out around 10 2nds in a couple of days. A couple of those needed to be winners and it would be all good. Obviously I will turn it around, but if I go like -15u on the blog, I will more than likely stop. I believe in the gambling gods, and I don’t know if I have ever had a -15u run before. I am Mr Consistent normally.

15:30 Kempton
I did say I didnt think it would come last and it didn’t come last, even though it was way out in last place in the betting markets. That’s not to say it was a good bet. I wanted to take on the odds on favourite I thought Belloccio was the best price. About half the time in this race I would have just layed the odds on favourite and won a decent bet.

15:37 Plumpton
Story of this blog again, travelled well and came 2nd, I thought he had this for a long way around. Only losing to the odds on favourite though at 7/1 isnt bad! Still get paid.

19:30 Wolverhampton
WAY OF LIFE did come 3rd so it paid place money, I didn’t see the race but it got beat by 2 outsiders, but beat the favourites.

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